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Shop my IG looks

Fashion excites me. Whether you think you care about fashion or not, it plays a role in your life. Every day you have to wake up and decide what you want to wear that day, and, usually, it reflects your mood. Look good feel good is always my go-to motto. Fashion is a form of expression.

When I look good, I feel good and you didn't really wear the outfit if you don't snap a pic, right? Shop my INSTA(gram) feel good looks!

( + follow me while you're at it ;) @lizziepalma_ )


I call this vintage because a lot of the pieces are really old, and I'm not sure where they are from, but hopefully they can still give you some inspo.

Poncho no-sleeve top: A "vintage" staple from my mom's closet.

Mini Handbag/Backpack: Another "vintage" staple from my mom's closet; it is from coach. I do recommend searching through Forever21's selection - they have a bunch of reasonably priced and really cute everyday mini backpacks!

Snake skin belt: Urban outfitters.

High-waisted, no rip, distressed-ends shorts: BDG x Urban Outfitters.

Platform sneakers: BDG x Urban outfitters (very old, but I am sure they have newer varieties now.)


I call this my "Florida-Chic" look because I wore this out on a day in the town on my vacation in Florida. We were going to the most touristy places, and, of course, I wanted to look as trendy as possible for all the pics!

Embellished Tube Top: Forever 21.

High-Waisted, Mustard, Button-Up Shorts: Urban Outfitters.

Sunglasses: Unsure - I do have another pair of silver, mirror-esque sunglasses from QUAY.

Bag: Same bag from the last outfit.


This one's pretty self-explanatory. My friends threw me a birthday celebration for my 20th birthday, and this was what I wore.

Snake skin tube top: Urban Outfitters.

High-waisted, no rip, distressed-ends shorts: BDG x Urban Outfitters.

White Belt: Forever 21.

White, pointed-toe booties: Public Desire.


Just another dreamy night in college.

Bandeau tube top: Urban Outfitters.

Pants (no pockets, zip up): Urban Outfitters.


This look just gives me really island-y, vacay vibes. Is that just me?

Strapless, elastic-fit, crop top: Urban Outfitters.

Ripped denim shorts: American Eagle.


I wore this while hiking the Trump Trails in Palos Verdes, CA. You can complete the outfit with a cute pair of comfortable, but stylish, sneakers - I wore Nikes. This picture was taken during the "golden hours".

Acid-wash, Death Row Records tee: Urban Outfitters. (Cropped myself)

Distressed denim shorts: American Eagle.

These are just a few of my looks! I hope it gives you a sneak peek into where I spend most of my time treating myself. Clearly, I do most of my spending in Urban Outfitters, but I add a variety every now and then.



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